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Re: Were you satisfied with the character arcs?

DalekJim wrote: View Post
It just seems... lazy. That the writers don't have to explain anything because a God can revive characters and give them visions of what to do when it is required by the plot. If that is satisfying storytelling to you then fair enough but I prefer the show to use different narrative devices. God and an afterlife rids it of consequence and weight.

It doesn't do anything interesting with the idea of a God. It's just humdrum monotheism presented in an unambiguous, uninteresting way.
You probably shouldn't have watched a show that dealt heavily with the religions of both the protagonists and antagonists. Especially since visions and prophesy were an instrumental aspect of the plot throughout the run. That's a heavy part of the Kobol story arc, Roslin's entire arc, Baltar's entire arc and the reason Leoben was obsessed with Starbuck. The whole series dealt with religion, complaining that a god showed up doesn't make sense.

If you cut it out, it's just people being chased by robots with no motivation. Then they find a place to stay, end of story. It could have worked, but I doubt it would have worked as well. It would have likely been another boring Trek clone.
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