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Re: Were you satisfied with the character arcs?

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So, God... did it??
Yeah, I uh... don't see any difference there.
It didn't all depend on God doing anything, that's just the method they went with on the show. It could have been a Cylon experiment or other random thing. The biggest point is that it allowed Starbuck to develop more as a character and resolve the issue in the end. It was a single event in a character's development that eventually lead to the conclusion. Yes, God impacted the character of Starbuck. But so did Adm. Adama, Apollo, her parents and basically every other character she met.

Saying "God did it" implies a cop out, "Deus ex machina" in an situation that actually involves God and machines. The proper use is when there is an issue so big or completely impossible to solve, so a god magically pops in and solves the situation. That did not happen on BSG, anyone who says otherwise did not understand what was happening. Also for what it's worth, the concept of the Cylon God playing a part in events was first mentioned in season 1 and advanced throughout the entire run of the show, mainly in association with Baltar and Head Six.

An actual example of "Deus ex machina" is several of the Doctor Who finales under Russell T Davies' run. Rose gets magic time powers and wipes out the Daleks, brings Jack back to life and saves the Doctor. The Doctor uses satellites and psychic powers to de-age himself and save the Earth. Donna gets Time Lord abilities through a glowing hand and wipes out the Daleks and saves reality. All completely out of nowhere and all at the last minute.

If you're just upset that it was God, then I don't know what your issue is. That storyline was set up years in advance and wasn't a last minute cop out because they couldn't come up with anything better. The whole concept of the Cylon God was a major part of the series, if they had simply ignored it or said it was aliens or some other stupid idea would have been an actual cop out.
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