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Re: TOS comic book consistencies

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This kind of thing is right up my alley. I don't know about Sarek but I would add the original Year Four if you are going to do The Enterprise Experiment. If you don't want inconsistencies you can count out everything by John Byrne published by IDW. I may be wrong but I assume his Crew doesn't jibe with the older stuff from that era. And everything else by Byrne is referenced by each other.
Does that apply to McCoy: Frontier Doctor as well? Does it reference the other Byrneverse stories?
Oh, yes. It has a storyline that contains references to just about all of Byrne's prior IDW Trek miniseries, and provides a climax to an arc that began in an issue of Assignment: Earth and continued in an issue of Crew.

Also, Byrne's take on the Trek universe has some minor inconsistencies with screen canon as well. His Romulan series shows a Klingon emperor in the 23rd century, contradicting what Gowron said in TNG: "Rightful Heir" about the last emperor being 300 years earlier. And Frontier Doctor shows Kirk actively supervising the Enterprise refit, even though TMP showed that he was unfamiliar with it and Will Decker had supervised it instead.
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