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Re: Are the Borg the perfect enemy?

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It doesn't matter if they were one-shots or not, fact is he defeated super-enemies at all. If he can do that without complaint, there's nothing stopping Janeway from doing the same to the Borg (which didn't even happen anyways, it's mostly just Anti-VOY hyperbole).

Then again, the fact that audiences were upset that there was even a single alien species out there that could fight the Borg (the 8472 aliens) is more or less proof that there wasn't anything acceptable the show could've done with the Borg that anyone would've liked.
I agree, defeating the Borg was never effortless.

maybe not, but Trek went from one Borg Cube nearly conquering the Federation to one SHUTTLECRAFT penetrating a Borg base and defeating them. How the mighty had fallen.
Um yeah, but not a frontal attack with guns was not conventional, just like Geordi and Data's plan in I, Borg was not convential. There WAS NO conventional way to defeat them.
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