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Re: Barnes & Noble Reducing Orders of New Trek Books?

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Maybe we should demand "equal space" with the SW crowd. Anybody know any of those "flash mob" folks?
In the weeks before "Star Trek" (2009) premiered, I posted several pics here of the situation in several Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane bookshops (both specialist SF and general).

"Star Wars" shelfstock was reduced and "Star Trek" shelfstock increased. In several places, amounts were reversed. Simon & Schuster Australia even started air-freighting ST titles - and absorbed the extra costs - rather than previous dependence on sea-freighted supplies.

A few months later, "Doctor Who", "Twilight" and "Star Wars" clawed back some space.

Marketing is cyclic. I expect ST to build again soon. "Star Wars" may dwindle yet again, but it'll be back, with the announced of an eventual new movie installment.

Galaxy Bookshop, August 2009 by Therin of Andor, on Flickr
(There was also a giant stack of the then-new novelization at the friont entrance!)
Some years ago I used to go to a bookshop called The Galactic Outpost in Worcester (U.K.) that had a bigger Trek section than that - it was fantastic ! They even had new copies of the old numbered novels. It closed.

Mind you, that may have had something to do with their rather 'unusual' business practices - I travelled for over an hour to get there one Saturday to find it closed with a note in the window saying that it was closed because all of the staff had gone to a Babylon 5 convention that weekend...
There used to be a massive bookshop in the middle of Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent when I was studying there and they had a range of Trek books that rivaled that in the photo, this was over five years ago though. When I was in London in January I went over to Forbidden Planet, I at first couldn't find the Trek section as it had been moved, expecting the worst, I found a slightly larger display of books from the last time I was there.

Talking to one of the members of staff regarding Trek book sales, she informed me that preorders for Trek books were down, actual sales of Trek books were down, but they were selling out more due to having less stock in of new titles.

We have four book shops here in Bath, two indie and two chain, the two indie ones don't stock any Trek, the two chains, Waterstones and WHSmith only have a few titles in so when I get a new novel, I get it from the Book Depository.
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