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TOS comic book consistencies

Hello everyone,

I am working on building my own personal canon/ timeline of the TOS era for a near future marathon.

I'm a Star Trek fan and a comic book fan, so the basic skeleton of my timeline will be the TOS/ TAS episodes and movies and DC Comics vol.2 an its annuals, specials, gn's and limited series.

Because of DC Fontana's level of influence in TOS/ TAS I'm including Vulcans Glory and Enterprise Experiment. Also, to tie into DC Comics vol. 2 I'm including Peter David's and Howard Weinstein's TOS novels and short stories: The Rift, Covenant of the Crown, Better Man, Deep Domain and Official Record.

Because Howard Weinstein is one of the writers, I'm including Mere Anarchy and then the TOS works of Christopher L Bennet because they tie into that. Kobayashi Maru will be included because it corresponds with DC Comics version of the Kirk's test. And finally, to flesh out Saavik's story, I'm including Pandora's Principle, Unspoken Truth and Just A Little Training Cruise.

So, that leaves me with a few things to consider. Being a fan of Star Trek AND comics I was thinking about including the Wildstorm and IDW TOS era comics. Other than their depictions of Kirks nephew and the final mission of the first 5YM, will there be an inconsistencies with my timeline so far?

Also, I've heard that Enter the Wolves is a sequel to Sarek. How much do they tie in together, is it necessary to read the novel to understand the comic, and will the novel create inconsistencies with my timeline so far if I include it?

In case you were wondering, the Gold Key comics and various Marvel Comics aren't up to my personal taste, so they won't be included. Besides there are crew contradictions for Pikes crew between Marvel's Early Years and DC Fontana/ Peter David (which I'm including).

Thanks for any help and have fun,
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