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Re: A parade of spaceships...

Almost there. I have some small details I want to add, but all the major elements are there to show what it looks like. Because the horizontal tail fins are more raked than what is shown on the reference drawings it lifts the rear landing wheel a bit, but it results in a landed orientation of only one degree of tilt. I think that's negligible and forgivable. I could negate that by lifting the front wheels marginally (and consequently have to shift them a bit wider apart) and that is something I'm considering.

I'm not entirely happy with the finish because from the films it looks like the ship should have more of a buffed bare metal finish. I'll work on that. This model is more alike the filming miniature than the full-size mock-up. The main visual differences between the two are the angle of the leading edge of the fins and the length of the aft section---the mock-up is proportionately shorter and looks too stubby for my tastes. The other difference is the access door on the mock-up is also proportionately larger and as a result skews the scale of the ship. The larger door makes the ship look smaller overall with less interior space.
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