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Re: Godzilla 2014: Rumors, Pix and filming

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What I'm wondering is if this is a complete reboot or if they'll acknowledge the original film. There have been quite a few different feature-film continuities in the Godzilla franchise, including the 1998 Devlin-Emmerich movie, and pretty much every one of them is at least implicitly a sequel to the 1954 original. Despite being in different realities and often interpreting the events of the original film in different ways or altering the details of its ending, they all assume it happened in one form or another (except for Godzilla 2000: Millennium, which never specifically references it, though it's assumed by Godzilla fandom that it did happen in that universe too). Even the '98 American film has Japanese characters who perceive the film's creature as "Gojira" and thus give it its name, implying that the Japanese have encountered a similar creature at some time in their past. And the 2001 Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack referenced the events of the '98 movie, saying that there were claims that Godzilla had been seen in New York a few years back but it was unconfirmed whether it was really Godzilla. In GMK's continuity, Godzilla hadn't been seen since his original '54 attack and the government had suppressed a lot of the details so that the Self-Defense Forces wouldn't look bad (since it hadn't been they who defeated him), so modern memories of Godzilla were vague and a lot of people didn't know what he looked like -- which handily explains the '98 film's creature as simply a different kaiju that people mistook for Godzilla. So even that film can be treated as a sequel to the original.

Thus, I'm hoping this film continue the tradition of being a sequel, at least implicitly, to the original film rather than a complete restart. That strikes me as an important part of what makes a Godzilla movie -- that acknowledgment of the original, the incorporation of it into the backstory of your film's universe even if that universe is drastically unlike that of any other sequel.

And of course I'm hoping to hear the Akira Ifukube themes.
I really hope they use the Akira Ifukube theme, at least the main one, somewhere in the movie. I also hope they do link this movie to the 1954 original somehow.

Also, Akira Takarada, who played in the first Godzilla movie, and the last (Final Wars) and many other Godzilla movies, is actively looking to be cast in this next film, even if it is a cameo. I hope they give him a part.
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