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Re: Data and killing

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You mean that Data should have given Fajo a chance to activate another trap?
Yes, possibly. It depends on his estimate of the probability that Fajo has another trap, the possibility of its working, versus the value derived from eliminating Fajo. I understand what you're saying about taking the episode at its word, and I've tried to be clear that I'm happy to do that, but just for the sake of chattin' about it, I'm wondering what questions I might ask if I were adjudicating over an inquiry into Data's actions.

You mean that Data should have tried to educate the crew about things that they already knew? Who knows what terrors Fajo had used to break them already.
Varria had already turned. We know he had used particularly brutal methods on her. They clearly weren't entirely effective. 'Educating' is not the right term, either. I'm happy to say the crew knows that Fajo might threaten their lives to get his way. That's different, or at least it's plausibly different, from knowing that Fajo now intends to do that.

It's also worth pointing out that Fajo was cocky at that moment, because he didn't believe that Data actually would fire. Perhaps a single code word from Fajo would have transported Data back to his prison room. That moment was Data's best opportunity.
You would think he would already have done that before Data got hold of the disruptor. But in spite of that, I don't think Data's preservation of his freedom was his main concern when deciding to fire. It was the continued threat to others that Fajo represented. We've already seen that Data's prepared to put the lives of others over his own autonomy (the chair, when Varria is threatened). That would seem to imply that if Data is only thinking about his own freedom, rather than kill Fajo he would return to his cell and attempt to escape later.
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