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Re: Actors you're surprised never appeared in Star Trek

t_smitts wrote:
Landau was actually considered to play Spock, but apparently turned it down. Just as well, since he showed in an interview that he really didn't understand the character:
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Martin Landau should have been on Star Trek - think of what a great Romulan or Vulcan he would have made!
IIRC, Landau was offered the role of Spock in TOS, but turned it down.
Oh, I know. The question, I think, asks us to consider who ought to have been on Trek - not who wanted to be on Trek. (After all, Yvette Mimieux is probably not a realistic nomination either, but so what?) I maintain that Landau would have been fabulous. Alas, he didn't agree.

I'm glad he didn't play Spock, though - I am not willing to give up Nimoy as Spock for anybody, including Landau. But a guest role would have been wonderful.

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