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Re: Actors you're surprised never appeared in Star Trek

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Given that Burgess Meredith was all over THE TWILIGHT ZONE and BATMAN, it's a shame he never managed Star Trek as well . . .
Burgess Meredith would have been a natural to play Samuel T. Cogley in "Court Martial" if the role hadn't gone to Elisha Cook Jr.

I sometimes imagine one of the guest female roles in TOS Trek being played by Anne Francis or Yvette Mimieux. No particular reason, except that both actresses were doing a lot of television at the time and they were both gorgeous.

EDIT: After checking her filmography, I see Yvette Mimieux didn't actually do that much TV in the 1960s. But she would have been good as one of Captain Kirk's love interests. I can see her as Lenore Karidian in "Conscience of the King."
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