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Re: Has there ever been a good reason...

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Sorry, but a standard Bajoran Militia uniform doesn't qualify as a catsuit.
Who said it did?
Since you asked, and just for the record, Skywalker's list was defined within the context of this thread. And since you said you were adding to that list, that implied you were counting it as one. Surely, you must have known that.

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I think that she looked better in the standard uniform. As did Seven of Nine and Deanna Troi. Funny, that...
Add Kira Nerys to that list.

I only meant that she looked awesomer in a Starfleet uniform.
Thanks for the clarification. By the way, I think Kira always looked awesome.

...And besides, they did sexy-up her Bajoran uniform just a little bit in the later years.
They never stooped to the egregiousness demonstrated in the other series. For all its faults, I gotta give DS9 props for that.

They never stooped with Kira's uniforms, except when they went over to the Mirror Universe. I guess for those episodes we were supposed to assume out-of-universe that they were going over-the-top for some sort of fun.
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