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Re: Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn conclusion of the first TP a

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Maybe, but what is left at this point but a war to the Death between Federation and the Typhon Pact?
Star Trek has very rarely been about "war to the death." Indeed, even in its most seemingly intractable military conflicts -- the Dominion War, the Xindi conflict, the Borg Invasion in the novels -- the ultimate resolution has usually turned out to be an act of peacemaking rather than destruction (although only half credit goes to the Xindi conflict, since they only made peace with the mammalian factions).

If anything, what we're seeing in the books has never been a strict Pact-vs.-Federation dynamic -- it's been more of a competition among the Pact's own members, some hardline and some moderate. And rather than uniting to form a common front, those factions have only become more divided in recent books, with the Romulans and Gorn becoming friendlier to the Federation than they are toward their own fellow Pact members.
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