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I think SG-1 writers missed the opportunities in a newly freed galaxy, where surely countless planets that had kept themselves hidden from the Goa'uld would come out, or even try to fill the power vacuum, and instead letting some criminal syndicates monopolize the stories, kind of like viewing post-WW-II, post-colonial world history purely through the eyes of Interpol, the FBI, and the DEA.
I think we're only seeing a part of what is going on, the part that is messing with SG:1 who in turn is messing with their plans. Meanwhile there may be other planets that have seized the Goa'uld tech and are working on rebuilding their society with the ability to defend themselves. So their Goa'uld ships are patrolling their own planet not rushing off to take over other ones.

Also I don't mind the silly organized crime pirates because they are a nice change from Star Trek where everyone instantly rushes to embrace democracy.

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