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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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I think the whole thing was orchestrated by Palpatine as a way to push Anakin closer to the Dark Side and also sway public opinion against the Jedi. Not only did the death of civilians in the Temple bombing cause outrage among the citizenry, surely Bariss's speech will be spread across the Holonets and make the Jedi look horrible.
I've become so jaded with our own military tribunals that I would actually be surprised if that speech was made public.
No need for Palpatine to orchestrate anything there. When your enemies are screwing themselves over, stand back and let 'em. That said, I guarantee Bariss's speech got leaked all over the Holonet.

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That reminds me, one thing this series dropped the ball on is showing the mentor relationship between Palpatine and Anakin. They never had time to show it properly in the movies and this should have been the chance to redeem that.
Well, the movies dropped the ball on showing the friendship between Obi-Wan and Anakin. So it all evens out. Besides, how much mentoring is Palpatine really gonna be able to do when his 'apprentice' is offplanet fighting battles all the time?
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