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Re: Did Deep Space Nine limit itself dramatically with the Dominion?

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We all like the Dominion storyline (well, most of us do ).
Personally, I thought the whole Dominion War storyline was far too long, it should have been half of one season. This would have left (in a seven season run) more time to see the aftermath of the war, and move ahead into non-Dominion stories in the gamma quad.

Stories like Take Me Out to the Holodeck could have easily been done after the war, and might have made more sense.

Move these (and others?) outside of the Dominion War time period.

Far Beyond the Stars rewritten to some extent outside of the war.

The Sound of Her Voice
either prior or after the war.

Chrysalis with it's romance plot after the war

It's Only a Paper Moon
with it's PTSD story would be better after, not during, the war. Everyone else is moving on, but not Nog.

The Emperor's New Cloak lose altogether, DS9 over milked the mirror universe.

Field of Fire with it's murder plot after the war.

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