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Re: Barnes & Noble Reducing Orders of New Trek Books?

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I've noticed the reduction as well at my local Chapters Indigo as well.
I just picked "Devil's Bargain" yesterday at Coles, and while the website/kiosk said that they only had 5 copies, it turns out that they had 14, and they were all in the "Hot And New Paperbacks" section, nowhere near the Star Trek section, since this section is right out at the front for people walking past in the mall to see.

Perhaps, with the creation of a new version of Star Trek, via the 2009 film, there is less interest in purchasing books set in the original continuity? It would be interesting to see how sales would be for novels based on the new version of Trek.
Well, it appears as if the Starfleet Academy series, which is set in the new continuity, has been cancelled, since the Chapters-Indigo website is listing a December 30, 2030 release date for book 5 now, a common tactic that CI uses to just say cancelled.
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