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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

That's a good point, and it just struck me that Batman had much the same problem moving from the TV show's cartoonish villains to the modern dark dramas where the joker had to go from a bit of comic relief to Heath Ledger's disturbing approach. Of course that franchise also has the problem that they seem to want something more like a serious crime drama (ala CSI) but are stuck with people in silly costumes and the whole super-hero super-villain genre.

The problem I had with the Lucian alliance is that they tried to portray them as Goa'uld understudies crossed with drug lords. Certainly there would be some criminals and powerful criminal gangs in a post-Goa'uld galaxy, but you can't run planetary economies just on stealing and drug smuggling. I could see the understudies taking over, just based on post-colonial (post WW-II) experience where many new states were taken over by people who'd been high-up in the colonial heirarchy (I'm thinking of most of the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia). Although they often became dictators or re-annointed kings, they were rarely the thieves and smugglers themselves.

I think SG-1 writers missed the opportunities in a newly freed galaxy, where surely countless planets that had kept themselves hidden from the Goa'uld would come out, or even try to fill the power vacuum, and instead letting some criminal syndicates monopolize the stories, kind of like viewing post-WW-II, post-colonial world history purely through the eyes of Interpol, the FBI, and the DEA.
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