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Re: Proposed over-all order

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Hello, everyone. This is my first post on these forums, I thought that here I could find people that could answer to my musings.
Welcome to the boards! I love to see someone who wants to undertake a project like this. I wish you had asked this question in a couple months when my Lit-verse reading lists website is complete, but until then I will offer my thoughts (which agree with everything Thrawn and DerangedNasat have said above.)

3. Not sure where ENT should be placed - given that I know there are some connections to the post-Nemesis novels.
Everything Enterprise should be read during of after the series. The books which have elements to Enterprise in them that take place post-Nemesis can be saved until then.

4. I am currently beginning to watch the TNG Season 3 episodes.
So did you already watch Enterprise, TOS, TAS, and the original movies? If so you've missed alot of books on your list here and there along the way.

5. I don't think the Lost Era books have a particular placement - are there connections to other series?
The Lost Era books (and the Terok Nor books, which you should read, and which are actually in a way 'Lost Era books') are all sequels to TOS or prequels to DS9 and TNG. They should be read accordingly.

6. Given what I know, DS9 and Voyager aren't really important for the pre-Destiny TNG or Titan novels, so that's why I put them after. I could enjoy Destiny without having watched either or those. Or so I guess. And I also guess (though that's probably wishful thinking) that I won't be spoiled before watching them.
There are massive spoilers for Voyager in the pre-Destiny TNG and Titan novels. And the end of a large storyline of DS9 is spoiled as well. If this is your first experience of these tv series, don't read anything that takes place after them from any series until you watch them.

8. I am not putting here series like New Frontier or Vanguard or Stargazer. I want to make myself familiar with the core continuity at first.
While I can see skipping NF, Stargazer, IKS Gorkon, and SCE before getting through the basics, I'd say Vanguard and the Mirror Universe books are pretty important to your overall plan. If you've never watched TOS, we can tell you when to read each of the books so as not to spoil any episodes.

10. I am making a separate post because from what I've searched on this forum, there are no lists which mix show canon and novel verse.
Part of my website will be something just like what you're wanting. Also there was a thread some time ago that I think was working to list suggested episodes to watch before reading certain novels.

I give my thanks to anyone that has the patience to read this.
I always like when people come by asking things like this. For some reason I love to help people get everything organized in the right order for a fun Trek experience.

The List:
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise novels in between episodes chronologically
  • Four (soon to be five) Post Enterprise novels
  • TOS (suggest Vangaurd books interspersed)
  • TOS novels in between episodes chronologically (there are a few you may want to read that are part of crossovers that happen later in the Lit-verse)
  • TOS films
  • The Lost Era, Vulcan's...1 and 2, and Terok Nor (all in rough chronological order)
  • TNG/DS9 (If this is your first time watching these, I'd suggest watching seasons in alternating order to keep the chronology of the universe clear in your head.)
  • A few TNG and DS9 novels (that relate to the future Lit-verse and crossovers that you might want to read)
  • DS9/VOY/TNG Movies (again the second and third TNG movies may slightly spoil a few aspects of DS9. Watch everything in chronological order year by year if this is your first time.)
  • String Theory (mixed in with VOY/DS9 above)
  • The DS9 Relaunch (this would take place concurrently with season 6 of VOY)
  • Mirror Universe(Somewhere in this area and probably intermixed around the DS9 Relaunch)
  • Vulcan's Soul trilogy
  • 4 original Voyager relaunch novels
  • A Time To...
  • Nemesis
  • TNG/Titan/Destiny/Voyager/Typhon Pact
We can get more specific if you'd like. I was mostly trying to lay out the general plan at first. I'd be interested to know if this is your first time watching Trek though.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
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