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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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I recently came across a cel illustration from TAS that depicted a "mirrored" transporter room (unless the cel was "flopped"), same as the ones Franz Joseph suggested (did he watch some TAS? Notice that on his engineering hull blueprints some circular "hatches" show up that could have been inspired by the TAS engineering core room, too).
I dunno, I wasn't there. I suppose it's theoretically possible that he did watch a bit of it here and there. All I know is that in interviews he claimed that he never watched it and none of his work was related to TAS.

Memory Alpha has a release date of April 1975 for the Star Trek Blueprints... a.k.a. the Booklet of General Plans but I think this may be an error. It seems right for the Star Trek Technical Manual, but the BGP pages all say "copyright 1973 Paramount Pictures." I don't know when in 1973 they were drawn, but "Beyond the Farthest Star" was aired in September of 1973. Given the time it takes to produce either something like the blueprints, or something like the Animated Series, I would assume that the "hatch-like" structures you're seeing in the Engineering section of the FJ stuff and the big hatch from the animated episode were arrived at independently. They definitely weren't produced in cooperation.

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