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Re: The Constellation's registry number

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no member world could therefore claim either extra pride or exaggerated slight at the naming of the first fully-Federation vessel
Come again?

By the time the Constitution class was first built, the Federation had been in existence for almost a century. Somehow I think that there would be many Starfleet classes built after the Federation was first founded; I doubt the Connie was the first.
84 years. I'm thinking that, initially, Federation defense would be of a militia or UN Peacekeeper fashion, with members worlds supplying a portion of their existing fleets to operate under the moniker of "Starfleet." Maybe half a century or more of that.

Later, after time has passed and trust has been established (not going to be quick among the longer lived races) comes the single-entity defense of UFP Starfleet (along with the prerequisite subjugation to its authority.) Then they start building Federation starships. IOW, I see it as something that would be evolutionary and not, "Today we founded the Federation, tomorrow we build Federation starships!"
Funny, because it was musing about the patches thread and how they could be some sort of member world legacy that made think of this Starship Class quasi-solution.
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It wouldn't matter since that recreation of the bridge wasn't accurate to begin with.
Or this one from DS9: Trials and Tribble-ations.
In what way are those scenes not accurate?
Hmm that should have been "OK this one..." not "Or this one..."
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