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Re: Proposed over-all order

Hello, Pellud. Welcome to the board. It's always great to see people newly interested in Trek lit.

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Also, the "Vulcan's ..." series has been put because it sets up A Time To, Nemesis and Titan (or so I've heard).
As Thrawn said, it's not essential - you certainly don't need to have read it in order to read Titan, A Time To..., etc. (it was largely published after they were, for one thing). The Vulcan's Soul trilogy features a few characters who were important in those books, and shows how the Romulan situation post-DS9 became the Romulan situation we have in Nemesis (and from there, Titan). The continuity is rewarding, but it's not essential; it fills in some gaps in a way that should please a reader invested in the continuity details, but you don't need to read it .
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