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Proposed over-all order

Hello, everyone. This is my first post on these forums, I thought that here I could find people that could answer to my musings.

I have started to put together a personalized Star Trek experiencing order (both the shows/films and the novel verse), given some desiderata. In the following, I would first give you the list I have written so far and then my arguments.

The List:

1. TOS - selected episodes
2. TAS - selected episodes
3. TOS films
4. TNG - selected episodes
5. Generations, First Contact, Insurrection
6. Vulcan's Heart (Lost Era novel) + Vulcan's Soul trilogy
7. A Time To... series
8. Nemesis
9. Everything related to the 2009 reboot and Star Trek Online
10. Post-Nemesis novels up until and including Destiny (TNG, Titan and Articles of the Federation)
11. DS9 - selected episodes
- Hollow Men novel - after 6x19
- The Battle of Betazed novel - before Season 7
12. Terok Nor trilogy
13. DS9 relaunch novels starting with The Left Hand of Destiny and A Stitch In Time up until and including The Never Ending Sacrifice (or I could use here publication/Palmieri's order as given in the FAQ)
14. VOY - selected episodes
- String Theory - between Seasons 4 and 5
15. VOY relaunch novels up until and including Enemy of My Enemy
16. ENT + ENT novels + ENT relaunch novels (in internal-chronological order)
17. Post-Destiny novels
18. Lost Era novels

Notes (in no particular order):

1. The order I am aiming for is a spoiler-minimal one that would take me quickly to the boundaries of known canon, with less regard to publication or internal-chronological order.

2. By "selected episodes" I mean that I am not going to watch every single episode of these series, just the ones with significant plot momentum (I have made separate lists of those; DS9 is probably going to be watched in its entirety, given its arc-based nature). If I want to experience more I can always go back, so there's no problem.

3. Not sure where ENT should be placed - given that I know there are some connections to the post-Nemesis novels.

4. I am currently beginning to watch the TNG Season 3 episodes.

5. I don't think the Lost Era books have a particular placement - are there connections to other series?

6. Given what I know, DS9 and Voyager aren't really important for the pre-Destiny TNG or Titan novels, so that's why I put them after. I could enjoy Destiny without having watched either or those. Or so I guess. And I also guess (though that's probably wishful thinking) that I won't be spoiled before watching them.

7. Is Vulcan's Forge necessary or could I start that mini-series with Vulcan's Heart? Also, the "Vulcan's ..." series has been put because it sets up A Time To, Nemesis and Titan (or so I've heard).

8. I am not putting here series like New Frontier or Vanguard or Stargazer. I want to make myself familiar with the core continuity at first.

9. Is The Never Ending Sacrifice skippable?

10. I am making a separate post because from what I've searched on this forum, there are no lists which mix show canon and novel verse. Although the FAQ says that I don't "need to read book X before book Y", I am more worried about needing to watch specific episodes from the shows (see Note 6).

That's all I can remember, for now.

I would like to find out some opinions on this and find out where I am doing wrong (the errors should be things like missing pre-requisites or spoileriffic entries). I give my thanks to anyone that has the patience to read this.

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