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- The Gigazord looked odd. It looked like one megazord standing in front of a slightly larger megazord.
There have been a lot of bad Zord/Megazord designs in recent years. There were some cool ones in the past, but lately the Super Sentai art department doesn't seem to be as talented. Or maybe they've just run out of ideas.

- I didn't like how the kids were just thrown into the action and knew what to do with the morphers and whatnot. Not much of a setup. I know this isn't the kind of show where you think too deeply about this stuff, but still. Perhaps their skills were "programed" into them when they became rangers?
That's been par for the course throughout the entire franchise. The Rangers usually seem to gain knowledge of fighting skills and the use of their weapons and equipment as soon as they first morph. Which kind of belies what Troy said in this week's episode about the Rangers being skilled because of their training. (At least in some seasons, they use the excuse that the Rangers are martial artists or athletes already before their recruitment. Here that works for Troy, Gia, and Jake, but not Emma and Noah.)

Is there supposed to be some ranger war or something? I've never heard about anything like that.
It's a storyline from the 35th-anniversary Super Sentai series Gokaiger which aired in 2011. Megaforce's two seasons are going to be based on two consecutive Sentai seasons; the current one is Goseiger (the 2010 series) and the second will be Gokaiger (though they'll keep the current costumes, the way MMPR seasons 2 & 3 did). Gokaiger involves a "Legend War" involving all 35 Super Sentai teams, and a Ranger team with the power to summon the abilities (i.e. costumes and gadgets) of previous Rangers. Megaforce will be doing its own version of the Legend War at the end of the current season, and the Sentai producers shot special action footage for it featuring only the Ranger teams from the past couple of decades since Power Rangers started.
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