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I finished Super Samurai and jumped right into Megaforce.

Power Rangers Super Samurai

- In the end, it turned out to be a decent show. No, it wasn't RPM, but it had a lot of good hooks and I really came to like the characters. Not sure I liked Antonio though. Seems a bit too sanctimonious.

- Not all of them got to use Shogun mode. I was disappointed.

- I've never seen this many megazord combinations before. Must have been hard work finding so ways to make them all fit together.

- The Gigazord looked odd. It looked like one megazord standing in front of a slightly larger megazord.

- It's a shame that Deker and Dayu didn't get to live happily ever after. I thought the spell would be lifted and they'd get a second chance. It was an unusually dark direction for a kids show. Maybe the Japanese version was so dark that they couldn't salvage it? I don't know.

- I loved the idea of having another red ranger show up, and this new one was pretty easy on the eyes.

- I didn't like the last Christmas special, but it had one redeeming moment… Bulk and Spike got to meet the rangers.

- I watched the Comic Con clip posted up-thread by Samurai. Thanks for that by the way. It was nice to see a cast I've come to like over the last few weeks. I saw that Paul Shrier thought that the show was starting to take itself too seriously during the Disney years and that he was glad to see a return to fun. I definitely don't see eye to eye with him on that one. I preferred the attempt to elevate the franchise and wish it would get back to that.

- Apparently Brittany Anne Pirtle is a trained health and wellness coach and has a holistic blog and a website with lots of great recipes. I've saved a few already.

Power Rangers Megaforce

- I saw the first two episodes. After Samurai, seeing aliens feels like a refreshing change of pace. One thing I didn't like though were all the similarities to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Who's idea was it to go back there? Ever since Saban took back the franchise, there's been a lack of creativity. I'm surprised that he'd say that Disney wasn't milking it for all it was worth. The show still looks good though. I like the tone and I'm warming up to the characters fairly quickly.

- I didn't like how the kids were just thrown into the action and knew what to do with the morphers and whatnot. Not much of a setup. I know this isn't the kind of show where you think too deeply about this stuff, but still. Perhaps their skills were "programed" into them when they became rangers?

- I don't like that they're reusing the same theme song again, but I love the "Po-wer Ran-gers… Me-gaforce" riff. It would have been nice if they could have built something around that.

- I like the color scheme. Lots of bright blue with some earth tones.

- We've got a pretty good looking cast. More so than usual it seems. Looks like they're all teen models or something.

- Nice to see Jason Biggs on the show.

- Those morphers were huge. Brick phones anyone?

- One of the villains reminds me of Zoltar from Battle of the Planets.

- I don't like that the aliens are called "loogies" either. Gross connotations.

- I've read some of your posts about Troy's visions. I didn't know what to make of them and they were so brief that I didn't think much about them anyway. Is there supposed to be some ranger war or something? I've never heard about anything like that.

Christopher wrote: View Post
As for the Goseiger footage, those disembodied heads docking with existing vehicles and taking form from them was bizarre -- the pilots and drivers of those vehicles must've been totally freaked out.
Yeah, no kidding. And what about the passengers?

I do love the zords though. It's the best synthesis of vehicle and animal I've seen to date. The megazord reminds me of the lion voltron though. Some of the design elements look similar.

Christopher wrote: View Post
And given Jake's attempts to woo Gia, I had to laugh when their Mechazords merged by the tail of Jake's snake Zord sliding into an orifice at the rear of Gia's Zord. That's probably as close as he's ever going to come to getting lucky with her.
I noticed that too.

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