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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

@ Mytran

Yes, I feel there should have to be a straight corridor connection from the warp drive engine room via a ramp towards the deck below. I find myself unable to imagine them using a turbo lift as that Nomad mechanical beastie could have blown up any second.

Then there's the dilithium crystal regeneration room from "The Alternative Factor" which I assume to make the most sense on E-Deck 9 in proximity to the warp drive engine room. Though we don't know to which transporter room Kirk followed Lazarus, I think it would be odd if he used a turbo lift if there were transporter rooms on E-Deck 9 (just to be on the safe side ).

Another thing why this transporter section couldn't be higher up is the "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" turbo shaft from E-Deck 14 that almost aligns to the main shaft in the center on E-Deck 9, on E-Deck 10 he touches the straight corridor but doesn't compromise it, yet.

@ Albertese

I recently came across a cel illustration from TAS that depicted a "mirrored" transporter room (unless the cel was "flopped"), same as the ones Franz Joseph suggested (did he watch some TAS? Notice that on his engineering hull blueprints some circular "hatches" show up that could have been inspired by the TAS engineering core room, too).

Actually, I had wanted to illustrate a "mirrored" transporter room (my module theory notwithstanding) but when I found out that the ladder of "The Cage" transporter room perfectly alligned with the tri-ladder below (maybe the didn't use tri-ladders yet during Pike's era?), I felt TOS has priority over TAS.


P.S. Notice that the center of the starboard side transporter room almost perfectly alligns with the transporter circuit column seen in the engine room in "The Enemy Within".

Unfortunately, it's only an "almost", shifting the starboard transporter room further towards the bow would result in the loss of the ladder location in the port side "Cage" transporter room.
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