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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Finally saw Q-Who

Aside from the re-mastering, seeing this ep again after all this time made me realised just how padded it was....
It's a lot talkier than I remember, particularly the start when you have Ensign Sonia Gomez throwing her hot chocolate all over Picard, Picard going missing and then Q and Guinan coming to a head all before we get anywhere near the Borg....

Also it may be an 80s thing but I can't get over the Enterprise suffering serious damage from being carved up by the Borg, the Enterprise being fortunate enough to shoot it into submission then Picard standing there and ordering everyone into a conference.
Either keep firing or run, don't just sit about in the same location talking about what you're gonna do, sheesh.
I also think this episode hasnt aged well, because it is too static. The action of the story isnt really presented well on the screen.

The actors barely leave their designated spot on the set, they just stand around. Some action is going on and the actors just stand there, their arms hanging down, and watch it detached while the stunt people do their stuff.

But "Best of both Worlds" suffers from this too, I also think this two parter hasnt aged well because of that. The action of TNG is just too static and too slow.

The late DS9 and VOY have managed to present action much better than TNG ever did.
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