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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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^That's right. From Memory Alpha:
In March of 1985, Riverside was looking for a theme for its annual festival. Steve Miller, who was a member of the Riverside City Council, had read The Making of Star Trek and suggested that Riverside proclaim itself the future birthplace of Kirk. This motion passed unanimously. The council contacted Roddenberry for permission to be designated as the official birthplace of Kirk. Roddenberry agreed, and designated Riverside as Kirk's birthplace.
Ah, okay. So I need Roddenberry's approval before my plaque is raised.

Fun fact: My sister was born the very night Roddenberry died. This means that either,

a) Roddenberry knew my sister was imminent and got out while he could, or

b) My sister is the reincarnation of Roddenberry.

If I go with b), will you accept her agreement as equal to Roddenberry's regarding my plaque?
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