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Re: Supernatural 8x16 "Remember the Titans" spoiler discussion thread

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Anyway, I liked this episode, although I did feel that the death of freakin' ZEUS was handled a bit casually. No matter how weakened the old gods are, it's still freakin' ZEUS and should have been a bigger deal.
To be fair, it took a god of hunting, a divine artifact, a powerful emotion (love; Artemis's love for Promethus and Prometheus's love for his son), and a voluntary sacrifice by one of the only titans that people still remember to take him out. Sure, it was still anticlimatic, but it wasn't like it was just a couple of mortals who stabbed him with a twig or anything.

I was more disappointed because I actually liked the guy they got to play Zeus. It would have been nice to see him on the show a bit more, as well as play around with the entire pantheon some.

I did, however, find it interesting that we know Mount Olympus is a real place now, and that it's likely chock-full of all kinds of goodies. I wonder if that was the real reason it was all touched upon, and why Zeus was eliminated so quickly (to get him out of the way as an obstacle for when they have to go hunt some artifact down or whatever).

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