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Re: What did Voyager do with the bodies of dead crewmembers?

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
But they only had 37 torpedoes!!!

Imagine, they're in a fight for their life... They run out of torpedoes and Janeway begins to regret all the stupid funerals she had that wasted the weapons she needed right then to save the ship.
Tuvok: "Captain, we're out of torpedoes."
Janeway: "Bullshit, Tuvok. We just had Ensign Parson's funeral, didn't we?"
Tuvok: "Indeed, utilizing our last torpedo casing."
Janeway: "Whatever. Load it into the aft launcher and fire!"

Cut To: Alien Attacker Bridge
Alien Officer: "They've fired another torpedo!"
Alien Captain: "You said they're supply was depleted!"
Alien Officer: "They must be, the torpedo has no warhead, just--"

*A thump is heard (because Trek has sound in space) as the nude body of Ensign Parsons plops out of the torpedo casing and smacks into the window, ass-first, before the alien officer activates the wind-shield wipers to get it off...*

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