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Re: Classic monsters return (spoilers)

But we don't know what's a hat and what's flesh and bone?

Then there's the explanation of the leader class who all so look like they're wearing hats.

Have you ever thought that there might not be a goldilocks point where an Ice Warrior can fight a Silurian without both of them being in an environmental suit?

(40 million years ago.)

Ice Warrior War Martial "No war today it's too hot."

Silurian War Leader "Well bugger having a war tomorrow becuase it's too cold."

Ice Warrior War Martial "Stop pulling my dick, either you're invested in this war or you're not."

Silurian War Leader "Look, I do want to fight you. You're an asshole. Your entire species is an asshole. On principle, I want to wipe you from the solar system. it's just good house keeping."

Ice Warrior War Martial "I agree wholeheartedly, I think you're an asshole too, and I look for war to the day I can eat your children, not your figurative or metaphorical children, but I want to make omelets out of the eggs you've fertilized which your female laid."

Silurian War Leader "Do you think a lot about me fertilizing a wide variety of females including your humpbacked mother?"

Ice Warrior War Martial "See! We should make incredible enemies!"

Silurian War Leader "I agree, I would love to hate you to death."

Ice Warrior War Martial "but it's just a question of simple economics."

Silurian War Leader "It all comes down to nickels and dimes. There is no fiscal advantage to invading Mars. It's too cold! Only a moron or a sadist would bother trying to live there, offence intended."

Ice Warrior War Martial "And what's with Earth?! 120 Fahrenheit in the shade!? Heat like that would melt my balls! I'd rather live with my shrew of a mother in law than land a foothold force on Pangea!"

Silurian War Leader "So we're agreed?"

Ice Warrior War Martial "Indubitably. No war today.

Silurian War Leader "And no war tomorrow."

Ice Warrior War Martial "That's such a relief."

Silurian War Leader "Hey?"

Ice Warrior War Martial "What Assface?"

Silurian War Leader "What about Telos?"

Ice Warrior War Martial "Oh! They are the worst!"

Silurian War Leader "No, you're the worst!"

Ice Warrior War Martial "No, they're the worst."

Silurian War Leader "Maybe they're the worst?"

Ice Warrior War Martial "Yeah. Lets go whack some fricking Cybermen!"

Silurian War Leader "Hell yeah!"

Ice Warrior War Martial "Boo-yah!
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