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. . . I mean, to me as a non-native, English is swamped with inconsistencies I've never quite understood (e.g. take 'good' and 'blood' -- it's written almost the same yet the oo - sounds are nothing alike. I suppose it has to do with the development of the language over the past few centuries and the wish to not change spelling too much . . . Is there actually any internal logic to it for an average native speaker (i.e. no linguistic scholar) . . .
No, there isn't.

. . . or is it just something you are used to because that's the way English is written, like I have become over the years?
That's pretty much the case.

Before the introduction of the printing press, there were variant spellings for almost every word in the English language. People wrote words however they thought they sounded. Today's English spelling is so inconsistent because the language became fixed in print before standardized spellings could be agreed upon. Whatever spelling made it into print first became the accepted one.
This reply is not meant to bash your language BTW. Neither is this reply meant to irritate anyone, it's just how things look from my perspective.
That's perfectly okay. A lot of us native anglophones find our language plenty irritating as it is.
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