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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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I just received my copy yesterday! The only nitpick I have is the stated location of James Kirk's birth. Seemed odd. Otherwise, I am very very happy to have something like this.
What they say? If it's Riverside, Iowa, that is supposedly where Kirk Prime was born and even XI indicated he was raised there. Indeed, Riverside promotes themselves as the "future birthblace of Captain Kirk."
IIRC from an interview I read with the author, the book says we was born in space, rather than fudging that the Kelvin was en route home and that Winona's labour was premature (caused by Nero's attack.)
That stuff is implied in the script and said outright in Alan Dean Foster's novelization, but I guess the author just went with the simplest answer. Kirk is still from Iowa, even if he spent the first two or three days of life in space.

I guess the sign in Riverside is a continuity error
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