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Re: Court Martial - Ion Pod revisited

T'Girl wrote:
The big one for me is the particular shade of grey they used for the Enterprise's hull color.
Yeah, it looks like the default, flat grey that's found in MS Paint and Photoshop. The ship always looked very white to me in the original FX - and I grew up reading it described as such (and pictured on the covers) in the old novels. Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise even mentions Starfleet deciding not to add the usual layer of paint to the Enterprise after the TMP refit since it's stark, metallic look was so awe-inspiring.

GSchnitzer wrote: View Post
Original 1978 speculative source for the location of the ion pod back by the fantail is here:
Fascinating, thank you. So they did go by an old fanzine's speculation - just a different fanzine to the SFOM.
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