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Re: Supernatural 8x16 "Remember the Titans" spoiler discussion thread

All gods are dicks. Power corrupts.

Anyway, I liked this episode, although I did feel that the death of freakin' ZEUS was handled a bit casually. No matter how weakened the old gods are, it's still freakin' ZEUS and should have been a bigger deal.

I was wondering if this episode would end, as several have lately, with a Human-Supernatural pairing going off into the sunset to fight the good fight against evil. Well, it did end with a Human-Supernatural pairing, but all they did was go home.

It had some pretty funny moments, though. Dean trying to impress everyone with being a Legacy of the Men of Letters. Dean's reaction when Sam was playing Artemis. And of course: "Who do we know who's died multiple times and attracts dangerous women?" "You?"
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