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Damn, that was quick. I've got episode 3 on my DVR but I think that I'll just delete it unwatched. I doubt that ABC will ever air the remaining 10 episodes so no use in watching it.
The final episodes of Dirty Sexy Money aired on Australian TV and arrived on the net hours later. The final 7 episodes of I hate my teenage Daughter aired on New Zealand TV and fell onto the internet almost immediately... And When the US stopped airing Caprica, the Canadian Simulcast said "Fuck you! Why the hell should we stop just because you're a bunch of pussies?"

That being said, I want someone to burn the master tapes for Zero Hour.

It's not very good at all.


Maime Gummer.

I do like her.

She showed up this week as a new supporting character just weeks after the cancellation of Emily Owens, and fate slapped her like a punk flat across her other cheek..

This actress could begin to get a reputation for herself.
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