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Re: What are you reading?

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I have just downloaded a novella called "The Devils of Amber Street" onto my iPad. I don't know much about it, it only cost me 99c, and I will read it as soon as I finish Lost Classics: Writers on Books Loved and Lost, Overlooked, Under-read, Unavailable, Stolen, Extinct, or Otherwise Out of Commission which I have been reading on and off for about three weeks.
I never knew shameless plugging actually worked! I hope you enjoy it

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Yeah it's definitely a better (and cheaper) time to self publish. Sadly I think a lot of people never recouped their investments in the old days of vanity publishing.
Yeah, now there's a distribution system in place. The biggest problem remaining is advertising.
This is very true, there's only so much you can do on a modest/non existant budget. I did consider Facebook advertising, but I must be dense as I can't figure out how cheaply you could do it! I see ads for self published work all the time but some of them have been going on for ages and must be costing a fortune!
I have finished reading Devils of Amber Street and I will briefly comment on all four stories.

1) Devils of Amber Street - I though this would be a simple possessed house story, a subgenre I don't normally like, so I was pleased that it went in another direction.

2) The Bonaventure Jane - I like this story the most. One of my favouite genres - historical mystery. I would love to read further George Tellant stories.

3) Megg - I quite enjoyed this brief story.

4) The Wolf -Prologue for a future novel. Interested me enough to want to read the novel when it is released.

I am currently reading Twice in a Lifetime - a collection of Icelandic short stories by Ágúst Borgþór Sverrisson.

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