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Re: who the fff... put Troi in that outfit??

On one hand I can understand why Troi was in civvies most of the time, crewmembers might not feel comfortable with the reminder that she is their superior when they come to talk to her, just as some of the civilians might not like to speak to someone in uniform about their problems.

However, she is an officer in Starfleet and so should have been in uniform when on the Bridge. When Jellico finally gets her back into one, she looks better in it than she ever did in any of her catsuits.

The vast majority of people look good in a fitted uniform, the PTB don't have to rub our faces in that Troi (not to mention Seven and T'Pol) are women. It's one cliché they really should drop, unless we have a man strutting around in little more than a codpiece to even things up in the next series
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