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Re: Early Evidence That You Were A Nerd

I did the read the encyclopedia thing, too. Glad to know I'm not the only one. I blame that on my parents always telling me to "look it up". After a while I was reading it for fun. Guess my parents go their money's worth out of that set. I also loved reading through the sets of books on American History and Science they bought for us. Another favorite read was a collection of myths and legends. My earliest nerd moment was wondering why the Thor in the comics wasn't like the Thor in the myths. I was big reader, always getting gold stars for that in school. Once I even checked out the book the teacher was reading to us, because it was taking too long. Now I have to read, its like an addiction. I read, billboards, road signs, cereal boxes, bumper stickers. Anything with words on it that's in eyesight. Also, I tend to comment on what I read, which drives the wife crazy.

Art was another nerd thing. I was always drawing. Superheroes were a favorite subject and I started making my own comics. I still have a drawing pad in my car and will draw at lunch when the mood strikes.

I sucked at sports, too. Funny that I had the eye hand coordination to draw but not to throw a ball. The only sport I was decent in was swimming. That was the result of watching too many movies where Tarzan fought crocodiles.

Oh yeah, and I watched a lot of Star Trek.
The boring one, the one with Khan, the one where Spock returns, the one with whales, the dumb one, the last one, the one with Kirk, the one with the Borg, the stupid one, the bad one, the new one, the other one with Khan.

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