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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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There was no chance they were going to kill Ahsoka. Too many kids watch this show and she's been the main heroine too many times. Never happen. It might not be a 'Optimus Prime dies' level of 'outrage' but it'd be up there.

That said, they handled it the best way they could. Have they mentioned the Unknown Regions in the show yet? Perfect place for somebody to get 'lost' while Episode III happens. Even though she's not a Jedi it's hard to believe her staying on the sidelines while the Republic falls if she's still running around Coruscant or the core worlds.
Yeah, it would be hard to miss a galactic Republic going up in flames. Then there is that thing that Jedi do...they sense deaths through the force...although I've only seen Yoda show that trait. Heh, they might get her Revan lost and send her to the extreme reaches of the galaxy for all we know.
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