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Re: Court Martial - Ion Pod revisited

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Except they do look like modern cgi effects, as plain as day. And as such they are jarring next to the remaining live action footage.
I don't see it that way at all. I think they did a great job blending in.

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Also they made shots that simply couldn't have been done in 1966-69 and that's another dead giveaway.
Uh...that was the whole point of remastering it, creating effects that they didn't have the ability or budget to do in the 60's.
And thereby pissed off a lot of folks who were fine with the way the f/x were as well as pissed on the artistic integrity of the original creators.

Secondly when are people going to understand that what was done was not remastering. The episodes had already been digitally remastered some years before for DVD release. What was done in TOS-R was replacing the original f/x, not remastering them.

For those who like the video arcade look then goody for them.
Well, they were actually remastered again after the mastering that was done for the original DVD releases years ago. So they were remastered *and* had new effects added.
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