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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

26. Quantum of Solace (B-)

The middle child of the Craig movies (so far). I didn't actually see this in theatres; it came out at a period when my film viewing was on the wane, and the reviews didn't particularly motivate me to see it.

For a movie that's under two hours, it has quite a lot going on in its plot, and quite a bit of the elements are intriguing (the stabs at realpolitik, for example, though the movie's idea of South American politics seems a few decades out of date). But it never quite comes together -- as is now widely admitted, the writers' strike has a lot to do with that, but Marc Forster's direction is distracting in much of the movie. The villains aren't really memorable, either; Mr. White, the carryover from the last film, is easily more memorable than the main villains in either of the first two Craig movies.

Cinema: 7
Home Video: 18 (+1)
Computer: 1
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