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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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I'll chime in with that one too. TAS offers some interesting new designs (although in some places heavily influenced by FJ's plans) but still limted to 1970s animation standards - using them as a guideline rather than an actual rule is definitely the way to go.

With regards to The Changling, are you proposing a ramp or stairs or something for them to access the Transporter Room?
The bolded text up there is not correct. It is a common misconception that TAS and the FJ TM had anything to do with each other.

TAS aired from 1973 to 1974 and the TM was released in 1975. So, none of TAS was influenced in any way by the FJ TM. Also, Franz Joseph had vehemently denied being influenced by TAS. Really the only thing that seems like it may have been a TAS influence was the second door to access the bridge, but FJ said that he just added it because he thought it was a good idea to have more than one entry to the bridge. Pretty much every part of the ship he drew was influenced by his "seemed to make more sense that way" philosophy.

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