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Re: Would Picard have thought Worf would have made a "hell of a Captai

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Didn't Worf let millions die just to save Jadzia in "Change of Heart"?
Considering it was his wife, I think slack should be cut. Even Sisko said he would have done the same thing. I can't imagine a man, unless he were some psychopath, abandoning his wife and letting her die.
I understand why he did it, but thinking about the number of deaths is still staggering.

Reminds me of when Riker DIDN'T abandon the planet the Enterprise was trying to save in "Final Mission", to search for Picard and Wesley's crashed shuttlecraft. He wasn't even ordered to help the planet.

But Starfleet were idiots sending a husband a wife together on such an important mission. Even real life military today doesn't do it because it is such a bad idea.
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