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Re: Enterprise Open: Alternate Version

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It's from "These are the Voyages..." isn't it? That last minute being the best part!
Yes, sorry I should have mentioned that specifically. The beginning music is "Archer's Theme" (edited) from the "Broken Bow" soundtrack. The last bit is from the end of "These are the Voyages," but I added some more chimes, timpani and cymbals (sorry, I couldn't resist)!

I love that whole piece of music from "These are the Voyages." Very genius the way McCarthy wove all of those themes together! It blows me away.

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It must've been a pain to try and source suitable foley noises, then blend them in, matching what's happening onscreen.
It was quite fun for me, believe it or not!

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For future reference, using this code...
[ yt ] full web address from the top line of your browser [ /yt ]
...embeds the video here, in case you ever want to do that way.
Ahhh...thank you so much for that! I've been wondering how people in here do that. Thanks for sharing that info!
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