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Re: Anyone Like the "Inaccurate" Book Cover art from the 1980's?

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Wasn't the actual (Danteri, right?) sword curved...?
I checked the text, and the sword on Calhoun's wall is described as a short sword with a curve to the blade and carvings on the handle. The sword depicted on the covers from Gods Above through Missing in Action is a double-handed longsword (judging from its size relative to the skull on the After the Fall cover), cruciform-hilted with a smooth grip (handle) and a straight double-edged blade with ornate engravings. So it definitely is not the sword on Calhoun's wall.

Also, on the cover of Stone and Anvil, it's driven deep into the titular anvil -- an obvious allusion to Excalibur. (The sword in the stone is actually a different one in most versions of Arthurian legend, but it's commonplace in modern times to equate it with Excalibur.)
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