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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

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Reading this thread, I can't help but sympathise with the "rude" actors, tbh.

They're being asked/required to pretend complete strangers are their friends or something approaching... I'd be completely weirded out in their place (no, I don't go to conventions).
Exactly. Some of the people that are complaining about actors being rude to them probably need to take some time and reflect on why.
First of all so far as I know none of the actors who attend conventions are being forced to do so. They know generally what the fans are like so if they find that situation un suitable to their peace of mind then they should either refuse to participate, or to limit their participation.

Further more while certainly some people's expectations are unrealistic, in many cases I don't believe they are.
Oh, I do realise they're receiving monetary compensation for their presence and I certainly didn't mean to disparage the convention goers, personally it's not my thing*, but different strokes and so forth.
I just can't help but empathise with Shatner reacting coldly to whoever wanted to put his arm around his shoulders for a photo, for instance: I'd be really weirded out if a complete stranger started putting his arm around my shoulders.
Thankfully, not being famous, I rarely have to deal with such matters.

*While there are some actors that would certainly be interesting to meet (Sir Patrick Stewart above all), for me it'd have to be in a context other than "you did a show some time back and I really liked it"; more a professional context or a "friend of a friend" fortuitous event otherwise it's just awkward from the get-go, IMO.
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