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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I didn't even know Damian died, and wouldn't have until reading World's Finest next month. I wasn't the characters biggest fan, but I didn't hate him and he was growing on me. But his grandpa is the guy with the Lazarus pits, so I have a feeling that, eventually, Damien will be brought back.

Assuming the New 52 still has his grandpa and lazarus pits and hasn't retconned his grandpa into being a cyborg sent from the future as an excuse for why he is so old. It seems like something the idiots at DC would do, and since I don't read most of the horrible books staring batman (aka every one, with the possible exception of batman & Robin) I'm not sure what they've done to all of the villains. I wouldn't be surprised if Penguin is now like the one in Burton's movie, Man-Bat is an alien bat and Killer Moth is a man bitten by a radioactive moth

As for dC's writers, I'd support shipping them to a deserted island, with food and water but where they would never be found or heard from again. Actually, they wouldn't need to send everyone (you wouldn't want to accidentaly send the one or two decent writers away). Just sending Snyder, Lobdell, johns, and Jim Lee (not a writer, but definately a bad influence) to the island would raise the quality of DC comics a lot.
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