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Re: Starfleet Command Insignia

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
Explanation A
Explanation D, all starship personnel up through Captain wear the exact same group of insignia, there isn't a Enterprise's special insignia.

Officers above Captain (let's make Tracy a "fleet captain") and members of their personal staff have special insignia.

Non starship personnel have their own insignia. JAG has their own, so do merchant marines.

Pavonis wrote: View Post
Since when are shuttles faster than starships?
Since Kirk and Mendez were chasing the Enterprise with some expectation of catching it.

Shuttles are speed boats.

EliyahuQeoni wrote: View Post
The Lexington's CO was still on board and in command of the ship, but Wesley commanded the task-force from the Lexington's bridge.
Or, the Lexington was constructed/modified to act as a fleet command ship, and had a regular bridge in the regular place, but also possess a flag bridge somewhere else aboard the ship.

The Lexington's commanding officer was in the Captain chair on the bridge, commanding just his ship. Wesley commanded the entire fleet, but not directly the Lexington.

When Wesley ordered a course change, it was for the fleet in general, and not the Lexington specifically.

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