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Re: La-La Land Records to release 4-disc DS9 soundtrack set!

From and their interview with Ford A. Thaxton:

"In the last show, there’s a big montage at the end, showing everybody going their separate ways, right? Dennis wrote the piece, which incorporates this other song, this jazzy, marvelous…Rick Berman himself had some issue with it; he thought it was too jazzy, so he took out the saxophone or the trumpet or something. In this particular release, we went back to the way Dennis had done it originally; the way it was all approved – up until Rick went down to the dub stage. That is what was supposed to be there, and if anybody wants to be really industrious, they can extract it and put it against the visuals – they’ll see it’s awesome."
You got it, Mr. Thaxton!

Here it is in all its jazzy glory! I left the dialogue in the beginning, but I have the music louder since this video is about the music after all!

SD version:

Here it is upconverted and scaled up to 16:9 if anyone cares for that sort of thing:
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